I love starting blogs. What I don’t love, apparently, is maintaining a blog for more than a year or so. That changes with this one. I’m paying money for this domain, and damn it I’m going to post decent content somewhat consistently! This blog’s theme will be my unsolicited opinions and musings. It’s a theme I’ve tried before (real fans will remember ‘The Ever Expanding List Of Things I Don’t Like’).

I feel like I have a lot of thoughts that I want to share, but don’t necessarily want to “force” them upon people on Facebook or at parties (both of which I barely partake in to begin with, but that’s another post in itself). So I keep coming back to blogs, the best way to quietly put my thoughts out into to world – you can read them and engage with them, you can read them and not engage with them, or you can not read them at all. It’s all very low pressure, which I love. I also love writing and plan to use this space to keep my writing skills sharp-ish.

Thanks for reading this if you did, and stay tuned for future posts. Or don’t! It’s chill.

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